Recent Publications

Tracking vehicles in LIDAR point clouds is a challenging task due to the sparsity of the data and the dense search space. The lack of …

Point clouds are challenging to process due to their sparsity, therefore autonomous vehicles rely more on appearance attributes than …

Despite the numerous developments in object tracking, further improvement of current tracking algorithms is limited by small and mostly …

In this paper, we show how absolute orientation measurements provided by low-cost but high-fidelity IMU sensors can be integrated into …

In this paper, we introduce SoccerNet, a benchmark for action spotting in soccer videos. The dataset is composed of 500 complete soccer …



3D Cameras

Metrological Characterisation of 3D cameras (Kinect, Intel, Orbbec), both as depth sensors and human body trackers.

Sports Analytics

Sports-related application for computer vision and deep learning.


Original datasets for Computer Vision tasks.

Object Tracking

Object Tracking related project.

Computer Vision for Forensic Science

A collaborative effort to bring computer vision to forensic application.

Human body rehabilitation

In this project, we track human body to assess their performances.

3D Reconstruction

3D reconstruction reseach and development for multiple purposes.


This project focused on industrial application


Arts-related projects

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Teaching ML/DL to empower KSA women students

Presentation of my CVPRW paper

Presentation of my CVPRW paper



Postdoctoral Research Fellow


April 2017 – Present Thuwal, KSA
Responsibilities include:

  • Publication on top tier Computer Vision conferences.
  • Managing projects with industrial partners.
  • Supervising students for project.

Research Fellow

Politecnico di Milano

January 2014 – March 2017 Milano, Italy
Responsibilities include:

  • Teacher assistance for Measurement classes.
  • Build, Develop and reinforce partnership with several industries.
  • Supervision and Tutoring of student for their MSc Thesis (>10).
  • Research and Study to graduate from a Mechanical Engineering PhD.

Embedded Software Engineer

Innovative Security Solutions (ISS)

October 2012 – December 2013 Milano Area, Italy
Responsibilities include:

  • Development of 3D Computer Vision algorithms.
  • Installation of automated solutions in client facilities.
  • Development of User Interface for automated systems.
  • Close collaboration with fruit manupulation industry.


  • IEEE/CVF - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR).
  • IEEE/CVF - International Conference for Computer Vision (ICCV).
  • CVF - European Conference for Computer Vision (ECCV).
  • CVF - UAVision Workshop.
  • CVF - CVSports Workshop.
  • IEEE - Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI).
  • IEEE - Transactions on Image Processing (TIP).
  • IEEE - Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM).
  • Elsevier - Neurocomputing.
  • Elsevier - Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (EAAI).
  • Elsevier - Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS).
  • Elsevier - Forensic Science International (FSI).


Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation

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Stanford University Machine Learning

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Managing Essentials for PhDs - Managing Conflicts

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Managing Essentials for PhDs - Working in Multidisciplinary Teams

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